Casinos with a poor reputation

casino_largeThere is more demand for good casino reviews than negative ones as online casino fans are always looking to know where to play. While it is of course essential to discuss which online casinos are best for certain things it is also important to let players know where they should probably avoid. Actual scams in the online casino world are rare. Online casinos are highly regulated and regulators have full access to their games and software monitors that the patterns of behaviour are as they should be and payouts are consistent. That’s the main reason that most online casinos use a relatively small number of casino software developers and games developers. These developers’ products are known to regulators and they are approved as secure and unable to be tampered with. In order for a casino to operate with its own games, the regulatory process to ensure that everything is fair and approved would be both time consuming and expensive. That’s why very few of them do this though some of the bigger players are beginning to fund their own inhouse R&D and to bring out unique games. This is however only financially viable for the biggest operators, those that players have the least to worry about.

The profits to be potentially made by a dodgy operator putting up an unlicensed ‘fly-by-night’ online casino for the hours or days it could stay there before the alarm was raised and it was removed are so far away from the expense and trouble this would involve that it basically just doesn’t happen. However, though there are not really ‘scam’ casinos out there which could fool any player with a modicum of sense, there are casinos which have a poor reputation for customer service.

Whenever you are choosing a new online casino to play in do a little research beforehand. Type the name of the casino into Google along with ‘review’ and see what people are saying about it. There are a lot of reviews which are obviously sponsored by the casinos themselves, but there are also a number of good quality sites that filter out spam and do have genuine user reviews. So spend some time and find a review site(s) you feel you can trust and see what people are saying about the casino. The most common complaints are poor customer service or delayed payouts of winnings or balances. With such a variety to choose from make sure that the online casino you play at has worked for your custom by treating its players well.